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One-Time Need or Long-Term Change?

Online Grocery Pickup

For years, grocers had seen slow but steady increases in online grocery orders, pickups, and deliveries. Then, 2020 brought COVID-19, and the need for safe, efficient, and minimal contact shopping skyrocketed. Grocers across the world rushed to fulfill online orders and ran into one enormous challenge: they simply didn’t have the right coolers or freezers to meet the demand.

Before the pandemic, this wasn’t a problem. Online deliveries were mixed with in-person shopping and consumers and grocers alike were able to fulfill their needs and not run out of refrigerated staging or pickup space.

The main problem though? All of this happened almost overnight. Navigating unchartered territory led to no smooth processes and no tried-and-true methods to cope with the unprecedented volume of online orders. Cashiers became order-pickers and reach-ins or back cold storage transitioned to fulfillment centers and pickup storage in attempt to keep perishables fresh.

Even after COVID-19, ECommerce demand for both online grocery pickup and delivery is not going away anytime soon. Experts expect that by 2023, online grocery shopping will nearly double (from $28.86 billion to $59.5 billion in 2023).

Retailers that configure their spaces to meet this sustained demand now will ease their stressed operations and build for a more efficient future.

The Solution? Versatile Refrigeration to Meet the Online Grocery Boom

While grocers everywhere stepped up to keep us safe, fed, and clean, we put our heads together to figure out how to better support grocers.

Our custom-engineered Online Grocery Pickup Coolers and Freezers are perfect for both:

  • Refrigerated Online Grocery Pickup
  • Staging for Online Grocery Delivery

When you choose flexible cooler and freezer solutions (like ours are), they work for keeping food safe from physical dangers like cracking eggs and from temperature swings, so your dairy doesn’t spoil. They optimize operational efficiencies by delivering a point-of-need seamless solution.

What Makes Leer’s Customizable Refrigeration Options Special?

  • Fully Customizable – Fully customizable to make sure it meets your specific needs. Designed to be modular and expandable to make sure your Refrigerated Online Grocery Pickup fits what you want, where you want it, and how you want it.
  • Optimized – Maximize your storage. Optimize totes per cubic foot, all while allowing for easy access.
  • Labor-Savings – Create labor efficiencies by keeping the order IN the tote while in the cooler/freezer. No more hoping everything fits. No more wasting time by unloading and reloading every order.
  • Protection – Minimize contact by reducing touchpoints. Increase food safety measures with reliable temperature-controlled storage solutions.
  • Organization – Increase order fulfillment accuracy by keeping orders in their totes from picking to pickup.
  • Point of Need – Add extra backroom storage or custom outdoor storage. Whatever your pickup looks like, we’ve got an option to fit it. 

We heard the requests for optimized Walk-Ins built around its ability to hold nestable eCommerce totes and we listened.

We partnered with Tosca to create Refrigerated Online Grocery Pickup options that:

  • Is designed to hold reusable totes
  • Helps you meet eCommerce demand
  • Fully customizable, modular, and expandable
  • Eliminates inefficiencies like re-touching
  • Offers protection for your inventory
  • Highly durable
  • Easily organizable
  • Safer for staff and customers by having the order picked, put into the tote, put the tote into the freezer, and then into the car.

Unlike standard Reach-Ins, we designed ours specifically for online grocery pickups. It provides better value than other options and decreases time and food loss for grocers and retailers.

The next step in grocery shopping is already here. Investing in proper Coolers and Freezers to help increase your team’s effectiveness, safety, and prevent breakages will continue to benefit you long after 2020 ends.

Not sure what’s next? We’d love to help you with your refrigeration questions.

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