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More people are ordering groceries online than ever before, creating a new set of problems for retailers: How Retailers Can Increase Efficiencies During the Online Grocery Boom!

One of the main logistical challenges is a shortage of temperature-controlled storage solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of online grocery pickup and delivery. When consumers do their own, in-person shopping, they take their perishables with them when they leave. But when they order online, a grocery picker fulfills that order and needs somewhere to store it until the customer comes to pick it up.

Studies suggest that online grocery will nearly double in the next three years, indicating that this need for such refrigeration will only increase.

Grocers need to figure out this new operational hurdle to continue providing fresh produce, dairy, and meat. If they don’t, they risk unhappy customers who take home spoiled milk, safety concerns as meat sits out, and overloaded backrooms that can’t cope with the higher demand for refrigerated space.

Investing in proper Coolers and Freezers to help increase your team’s effectiveness, safety, and prevent breakages will ease the burden and help stores meet the new online demand.

New Custom Coolers and Freezers to Meet Online Grocery Pickup and Delivery Demand

Leer Inc., in partnership with leading grocery tote manufacturers, created custom, Online Grocery Pickup Coolers and Online Grocery Pickup Freezers built for grocers wanting to enhance their online grocery pickup offering.

We designed modular, highly customizable Coolers and Freezers that can be configured exactly as you want. Basically, whatever you need, we’ll build it.

OR… Start With 4 “Manufacturer Suggested” Options

But, we also did our homework and created four “standard” options to save you some research time.

These standard options take the guesswork out of the buying process, offer our most affordable pricing, and the fastest lead time.

Our four, standard Refrigerated Online Grocery Pickup options are:

  • 3-Door Online Grocery Cooler: Capacity = 24 Totes
  • 4-Door Online Grocery Cooler: Capacity = 32 Totes
  • 3-Door Online Grocery Freezer: Capacity = 24 Totes
  • 4-Door Online Grocery Freezer: Capacity = 32 Totes

These turn-key options allow you to quickly order and get your new temperature-controlled storage unit up and running. The dimensions are built around Tosca’s reusable nestable totes so you can realize operational and labor efficiencies.

What Size Do You Need?

Choose your size based on how many totes you need to store at a given time.

For example, let’s say you have an average 16 orders at a time. Each of these orders requires 2 totes. That means you need space for 32 totes, so you would choose the 4-Door option.

Each door has an eight-tote carrying capacity (2 per shelf). Designs were made around Tosca 6436-S Nestable Online Grocery Pickup Totes, although custom options are available.

Download our Tote Capacity Calculator

OR…Go Fully Custom Right Away!

Of course, if you want to go fully custom, that’s great too!

Our Refrigerated Online Grocery Pickup solutions are fully customizable in the following ways:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Number of Doors
  • Shape
  • Refrigeration (Cooler or Freezer)
  • Still want more? Tell us what you need. We’ll build it for you.

Finding the right cooler or freezer for your grocery pickups is important. The right unit can help your staff move faster, keep orders more accurate, and increase customer satisfaction. If you’re not sure what your exact needs are, we’d love to hop on a call and chat!

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