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Quick Ship Walk-In Coolers and Freezers are faster and more affordable than other options. But why is this the case? At Leer, the answer always has to do with operational efficiencies and never has to do with compromising on quality.

Read on to learn more about why our Quick Ship program is an economic and efficient alternative to custom built Walk-Ins.

Quick Ships Are Faster

Walk-In Quick Ship panels are pre-designed for optimal manufacturing efficiency and pre-manufactured. Therefore, we always have them in-stock and ready to ship to you! When you order a custom Walk-In Cooler or Freezer, each unit is engineered and manufactured to meet the unique specifications of your application. The entire process for a custom unit takes four weeks or more, whereas Quick Ships only take either 2- or 10-days to ship depending on options.

By making the panels and parts for the Walk-In before an order is placed, we’re able to have those components ready to ship when the order is finalized, rather than having to build it from scratch. All it takes is for us to package them up and ship them out.

Our Quick Ship Program Timing vs Custom Builds

  • Leer’s Quick Ship Program – 2 days to ship
  • Leer’s Quick Ship Plus Program – 10 days to ship
  • Average Custom Build Time – 4 weeks (minimum) to ship

Quick Ship Units Require Less Engineering Work

Most Walk-Ins are custom built, which requires engineers to spend time on every order drafting and designing the Walk-In to get it just right. They need to design it from scratch, then build it.

For Quick Ships, the Walk-In Cooler and Freezer layouts are standardized, so there’s no need for engineers to draft up designs and spend more time and resources.

Quick Ship Walk-In Manufacturing

Quick Ship Units Use Nominal Sizing

Even though Leer’s Quick Ship and Quick Ship Plus Program has 20+ available sizes, we use nominal sizing. Nominal sizing means that there are standard sizes that allow for fast manufacturing. These standard sizes are able to be built quickly so we always have more coming into our inventory.

Quick Tip: “Nominal” means “in name only.” Like when you buy a 2×4 at the hardware store, it refers to a category of sizes. Actual size is what you measure with a tape measure. Don’t worry though, we use nominal sizing to make sure you get your order fast, but everything will still fit perfectly and meet or exceed certifications and agency approvals.

Quick Ships Are More Affordable

Because Quick Ships are pre-designed, don’t require additional engineering work, pre-manufactured, and use nominal sizes the process, engineering, and materials are streamlined. With streamed lined operation efficiencies come cost savings. These cost savings are passed directly to you, resulting in a more affordable Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Quick Ship offerings.

Does this Mean Quick Ship Units are Lower Quality?

No, not at all. We never compromise on quality. Fast and affordable units are great but only if the products are also high quality. That’s why we extend top quality materials and manufacturing processes from our custom Walk-Ins to our Quick Ship Walk-Ins. Just because Quick Ships might be a lower priced option for you, doesn’t mean that you should have to compromise on quality.

Simply put, we did all the work upfront in creating an efficient repeatable process, saving you time and money.

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How Do I Know if Quick Ship is Right for Me?

If you have straight-forward refrigeration needs, Quick Ship is a likely fit. For instance, certain food service businesses like pizza places, are a great candidate.

If you plan on storing multiple types of food in the Walk-In Cooler or Freezer, or if you will be displaying your merchandise, like in a grocery store, consider a custom option. For a full explanation and how to determine if a Quick Ship is right for you, click here.

At Leer, we always take a look at your situation to make sure we’re advising you on what unit will be best. If it’s a custom unit, we’ll let you know. If a Quick Ship Walk-In Cooler or Freezer will work, we’ll let you know that too. As your trusted partner in temperature-controlled storage solutions, our goal is to give you the highest quality, most economical, and most efficient refrigeration solution, every time.

Click here to contact us today to learn more about Leer Inc.’s Quick Ship Walk-In Coolers and Freezers. 

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