What’s cold, holds a ton of ice (literally!), and will help optimize your delivery costs? Leer’s brand-new expanded lineup of High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers.

These giants are the newest additions to our Ice Merchandiser line. In celebration of welcoming them to our “cool” family of iconic Ice Merchandisers, here’s three considerations before you buy your next box.

Keep reading to also discover how to calculate the cost of ice delivery, the cost of ice storage, and more.

Ice Merchandiser Consideration #1: Cost of Ice Delivery

It’s no secret that delivering ice is expensive. All the costs that go into a single delivery – labor, gas, maintenance, storage, insurance, vehicle costs, etc. – add up quickly. Which is why having reliable Ice Merchandisers that enable ice manufacturers to limit their required number of deliveries is essential.

When the number of required deliveries is minimized, you cut down on nearly every associated cost, especially gas, maintenance, and labor costs.

And the easiest, long-term solution to minimize the cost of ice delivery is to use High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers. Because High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers can hold more bags of ice than their smaller counterparts, the delivery cost per bag is lower. For example, our High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers range from holding 115 cubic feet, all the way up to 225 cubic feet.

The savings are amplified in high-traffic areas, like cities, where delivery takes longer because of traffic congestion or in rural areas where the distance traveled is further. But no matter where you are geographically, doing one delivery rather than two is more efficient and thus more affordable.

Modern Ice, a Leer distributor, conducted a thorough market analysis and found that:

“The estimated cost per stop in ice distribution ranges from $20 – $55. There are a variety of factors that play into that amount such as: type of truck, number of employees on the truck, compensation of employees, etc.”

How much does the size of the merchandiser impact this cost?

The High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers are 100 cubic feet and greater, located in the yellow shaded area.


  • Math Based on Auto Defrost Units
  • Every Delivery Made on an Empty Merchandiser
  • Bags per Merchandiser Based on Leer’s Estimated Website Capacities
  • Stocked with 20 lb. Bags
  • Delivery Cost = $40

As the Ice Merchandiser gets bigger, the delivery cost per bag of ice decreases.

By choosing a larger merchandiser, you minimize the number of deliveries needed and maximize storage opportunities, resulting in savings.

Leer’s largest High-Capacity Ice Merchandiser comes in at just $0.20 per bag. Compare that to a Model 75 Ice Merchandiser at $0.50 per bag. That’s a savings of 60%, just by choosing a larger Ice Merchandiser.

Ice Merchandiser Consideration #2: Storing Ice – Acquisition Cost per Cubic Foot

The bigger the better, at least when it comes to keeping your acquisition cost per cubic foot low.

Of course, there’s no point in buying an Ice Merchandiser that’s too big to fit in your space. But there’s definitely an advantage of buying larger. Not only do you decrease chances of out of stock, but you’ll decrease delivery costs per bag and decrease acquisition cost per cubic of the Ice Merchandiser itself.

No matter what model you purchase, each Ice Merchandiser has the same core components: metal, foam, doors, hardware, refrigeration, labor, and more, which is why it’s typically more cost effective to buy larger Ice Merchandisers.

Why? Because it minimizes acquisition cost per cubic foot of ice storage space.

The takeaway?

Calculate the amount of ice storage you need as well as the storage space you have available. Choose a merchandiser that best fits your space and maximizes your storage capacity.

Ice Merchandiser Consideration #3: Trying Pallet Load Ice Merchandisers

For the optimization gurus out there, we have an extra bonus consideration: Pallet Load Ice Merchandisers. Obviously, while standard Ice Merchandisers work just fine, for those looking to make every second count, we suggest our Pallet Load Ice Merchandisers.

These innovative Ice Merchandisers allow you to move thousands of pounds of ice in just minutes.

Really, we’re not exaggerating. Watch the time trails:

PL150: Time Trial

We all know the saying….time is money, and these Pallet Load Ice Merchandisers will help you save on both.

High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers: Unique to Leer

So now with all the math covered, we’d like to introduce our new large, unique just to Leer, High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers. Full disclosure, they’re so big, some of you are already calling them “big a** merchandisers”. Although they are exactly that, we’ll be sticking with High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers internally!

We’ve got Indoor and Outdoor Ice Merchandiser models to fit any need space you may have.

  • Indoor High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers:
    • Model 115 Corner Refrigeration
    • Model 120
    • Model 150 Corner Refrigeration
    • Model 155
    • PL150 Pallet Load Ice Merchandiser
    • PL225 Pallet Load Ice Merchandiser
  • Outdoor High-Capacity Ice Merchandisers:
    • Model 115 Corner Refrigeration
    • Model 120
    • Model 150 Corner Refrigeration
    • Model 155
    • PL225 Pallet Load Ice Merchandiser

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the perfect Ice Merchandiser. But, despite how great we think the iconic snowcapped ice decals may look; the most important thing is to identify what will maximize your business’ bottom line. Using metrics like delivery cost per bag, total delivery time and acquisition cost per cubic foot, can shed a light on what the best decision is for your business.

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